Minimize Risk.
Reduce Cost.

Your first line of defense against hose failure.

Hose management services for multiple industries.

On site hose inspection and testing.

Eliminate down time.
Maximize efficiency.

OnGuard Asset Tracking: Providing Hose Safety Through Innovative Hose Management


Promoting your hose safety by demonstrating the top-line equipment utilized for hose safety programs through OnGuard. Photo of hydrostatic OnGuard hose pressure test underway in a red test bench in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Ensure hose safety.

Preventative maintenance programs help you avoid costly equipment downtime, maintenance costs and reassure you that your hoses are working efficiently and safely — all within compliance of OSHA/EPA standards.

Our on-site services include performing visual inspections for you, hydrostatic proof tests up to 50,000 P.S.I., continuity testing, hose installation, replacement, hose safety audits, employee training, and more– with all results available on an online database 24/7.


Photo of employee creating a metal band-it tag and putting it on an industrial hose with double bands, metal, engraved with customer information. This information is used to promote proactive hose maintenance, ensuring hose safety and hose integrity.

Say Goodbye To:

  • Excessive Paperwork
  • Guesswork in Inspection Standards
  • Lengthy Inspection Times
  • Costly Downtime

When you use OnGuard ID tags from Singer Equities family of companies, individual records are created that link to the online database that houses all certifications and hose safety standards built right in. ID tags are attached with a band that is digitally engraved with all relevant, unique information.


Hose Safety uses the top-line tracker system, proprietary to Singer Equities companies. The photo shows an employee Jim High logging in to the hose tracker, sitting at the computer with a screenshot of a generic user showing. Services like the OnGuard Asset Tracker utilized properly promote hose safety and hose integrity.

OnGuard™ Hose Management Services include cloud based hose tracking 24/7 which we manage for you.  OnGuard Hose Tracker stores all of your hose information including type of hose, date of manufacture, test certs, serial number, location in your facility, inspection and re-testing alerts.

Greatly reduce paperwork and pass audits with ease — data is stored and immediately accessible in a secure database. Anyone at your company will be able to track from “cradle to the grave”, and read notes from inspectors and employees in attached files of a hose.

Proud Member Of:

Logo provided for Hose Safety Institute members of NAHAD, each of Singer Equities businesses are members of NAHAD and HoseSafety.